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Also known as motion detectors, it has the ability to detect and capture physical and/or kinetic movements in real time.

Door/window contacts is the central hub of a security setup. All security devices will connect with the panel to alert user when they are activated.

The purpose of the battery (backup battery) is to keep an alarm system running in case of a power failure, however, the battery will begin to lose its ability to maintain the system on its own.

The Control panel is a reception hub where all the security detection devices such as fire detector, door sensor, motion sensor send their signals, the control panel is on call 24/7, ready to sound immediate alarm and instantaneously alert the homeowner whether directly or through a monitoring service professional on call.

The siren will sound when triggered for a pre-selected time chosen by you, when there's forced entry or when the system has not been disarmed.

An alarm keypad is used as a way of controlling an alarm system, including arming and disarming the system and making programming changes.